Raiders 16 – Jets 13 

After knocking apart 2 teams in the last 3 weeks and scoring over 80 points, 82 to be correct, this game should have been a big win for Gang Green.  Unfortunately, the Oakland Raiders held Brett Favre to only 197 yards and only one rushing touchdown. A touchdown mind your that was not Thomas Jones’ but Leon Washington’s longest run of the day.

“I came here to win games like that,” Favre said after the game. “That’s what’s disappointing to me.”

Favre (21 of 38 for 197 yards and 2 Interceptions) seemed held back at times.  Especially in sets after each Interception.  Event to the point that when he did set himself up for a forward passing play, he would only throw slant passes to the middle of the field & not try to press himself to either Jericho Cotchrey (1 reception 0-yards) or Lavernious Coles (4 receptions 51-yards).  Most of his plays to the middle would be shared by either Chancey Stuckey (2 receptions 48-yards). Chris Baker (5 receptions 42-yards) or Leon Washington (3 receptions 21-yards).  

Even when Brad Smith (4 receptions 29-yards) came in to play, those plays resulted in1st down & then for some reason, they shifted the momentum of the drive to a conservative run offense and where held in their tracks.  Only with the help of Jay Feely in the 1st & 4th quarters aided the Jets into overtime with the Raiders.  

It's one of those situations where you keep giving a team [chances], keep letting them hang in there and they keep building confidence," Calvin Pace responded on Thursday. "They made more plays than us. We definitely had more than enough chances to pull that out, but we didn't."

Though Coach Mangini’s resolve when questioned about his offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer, seemed out of place with what was being put to them on the field.  Sure, for the 1st time this season Thomas Jones ran for over 100-yards in a game.  Still, why not try to use that running gain as an advantage for the long ball, which Favre is best known for?   It would even take for Favre to call a time out in the 4th quarter with 1st & 10 on the 50-yard line to alter removing Brad Smith from the field in exchange for Chris Baker.  It was apparent that Brett was adamant in keeping Smith on the field in his discussions with Coach Mangini on the sidelines.   On the next play Favre would throw his longest reception of the game.  A 32-yard deep pass to Smith, who would be knocked down on Oakland’s 14 yard line.   Even the Defense also seemed stalled at times.

Oakland’s JaMarcus Russell (17 for 30, 203 yards & 1 touchdown) looked more like a John Elway caliber QB than that of a Quarterback on a 1-4 team (2-4 now).  For the 1st time since week 3 the Jets secondary seemed stalled, especially when they had to deal with Oakland’s Javon Walker.  Walker (5 receptions 75-yards) took care of our secondary without incident, including the Oakland’s only touchdown.

It appears that it’s not really the players on the field that is the issue, it’s coaching as well.  Unless Coach Mangini can turn himself & his staff around by the time they play a lack lustered Kansas City Chiefs (1-5) at the Meadowlands this Sunday, it’s going to be a long .500 season.

If we lose this one, I will be the 1st to head straight to Florham Park with my torch & pitchfork!

…And that’s this Baumerjet’s Story.