With a Superbowl win, should Ben Roethlisberger be exonerated from the alleged sexual misbehavior issues that he has been accused of?  I really do not think so.

The media, prior to the AFC championship game and pre Superbowl reports, have been constantly attempting to exonerate Roethlisberger from the very accusations that were made this past post season. 

Though he has never been formally charged with any crime, he still was placed off the Steelers’ roster for the 1st 4 games of the 2010-2011 season.  Yet the media would like you to forget that…

I have even heard NFL Hall of Fame players, now full time media consultants state that with a win in the AFC Championships, “Big Ben” has been exonerated of any type of alleged misconduct?


When Commissioner Roger Goodell initially charged Ben Roethlisberger with misconduct, he gave him a 6 game suspension based on a private investigation made by the NFL.  One must speculate that the findings, which have never been released to the media, must have shown some type of corroborating evidence that could have been perceived as a potential legal issue for not just “BIG BEN” but to the NFL as well.  If not, the judgment by the Commissioner’s office should not have been as severe as it was.

Even when at 1st the Rooney family, owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers attempted to make this an “In House” issue and offered to suspend Roethlisberger based on their own judgement.   The Commissioner refused & stated that the NFL could be the only one to pass judgment.

“Ben Roethlisberger showed a pattern of behavior that damaged the integrity of the game,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stated on April 23, 2010.

 “We’ve established there’s a pattern,” Goodell told the Associated Press Sports Editors in a meeting at his Park Ave. offices. “We go back through all the incidents and try to understand is there any kind of pattern, and we have enough information to believe he’s not making sound judgments at critical points.”

Still, in the latter portion of the pre season and at the request of the Rooney Family, Commissioner Goodell lowered that suspension to only 4 games, if he underwent some type of therapy. 

But that would have meant there was some type of incriminating evidence…

Then there’s the response of Wilkinson County, Ga., District Attorney Fred Bright at a press conference in April of 2010.  “There just wasn’t enough evidence to press charges.”

 “But if he were my son, the best way I could answer it would be, ‘Ben, grow up. You’re supposed to stand for something.’ ”


Now mind you, I am a New York Jets fan, this is a Jets fan site and the Jets have just lost to the Steelers in the AFC championship game 24-19. 


My very point is this – Players who are so much in the media, as well as those former players who report, must be accountable for their actions when they embellish a view of life into those we hold so dear – our children.

What kind of parent would we be if we didn’t expect more of our children’s heroes? 

Yes, they (players) are only human and yes some have “feet of clay.”

However, Football is their profession, not their private lives; it should never be related to their actions off the field.

…and that’s this Baumerjet’s Story…